Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snooki wants a baby!

Och no! The woman can not even take care of themselves, nor would I the Jersey Shore "Trulla any living trust." times can someone please rescue this poor dog? Snooki wants a baby that is! Please, the will, can and would like the Pottschalk not prohibit it as well. Finally, they must also have the right man to find, but worth it as their main wage as a TV horror at an American Ballermann-mile, which should actually not be that difficult.

The direct "mating" of both men Snooki seems to deter some but a few brave media and horny guys have finally found it. Finally, she has during her time at the "Jersey Shore" has enjoyed not only participated in cucumbers. could Yes Snooki a real "Pickles" is fan and cucumber passion is so extreme that one might almost have the following: "The bears but already NEN bun in the oven!" Fortunately, she wants to be so little time, but when The right-proletarian king was found, they would prefer to bring four offspring into the world ...

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