Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Konny Reimann: After lawn display he is "shaved" them ..

What was that last night again or exciting? For the Reimann in Texas should initiate a courtroom drama, as their neighbors come to the German Emigration longer simply not clear. Really very strange, because the pot by Schalk Konny and Co. really great! Cowardly from behind and they were now on their turf reported for long. Sad, sad, especially as this neighbor was a good friend of them, after all, well, that one thought. Also this is just America, as all are always so nice and friendly, it is probably difficult to distinguish friend from foe.

The neighborhood relationship is in any case for ever in the ass. In its restored school bus is made Konny Reimann and his wife on the way to the courtroom. What they expect is as well? The land of opportunity is indeed sometimes known for its nutty laws and Texas just is not perceived as the most liberal state. Since the Reimann with U.S. law, also not so good knew about, they had to turn for advice and a lawyer who has tasted even just $ 1,000. When Gerichtsterim then came the big surprise: hearing called off because the counterparty or the neighbor is not published. That's it! Konny Reimann has not only cut his lawn for free, but still $ 1,000 for nothing cut out too. Final Conclusion of Pottschalk: emigrate to the United States and study law ...

PS love Birgit Schrowange, give it Reimann times more air time, that was yesterday again vieeelll too short!

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