Tuesday, October 12, 2010

David Schwimmer and Zoe Buckman: Secret 'friends' wedding was in June!

True friends appear to hold tight, or has David Schwimmer's former "Friends, colleagues," might not even invited to his wedding? Our Ross can not just burn, and has its pension promise or engagement , the 25 year old Zoe Buckman already a few months to redeem. In June, the two "yes-word" and given just now that Friends co-star Courteney Cox has announced their separation , Mr. Schwimmer leaves the cat out of the bag!

Damn bad timing Ross! Maybe it was just an unfortunate coincidence, for it would be perverse to be damn lucky just to be put on display when the former series colleagues privately and not quite as well. Who would because without "Friends" still remember David Schwimmer or are interested in his Hochteit? Courtney Cox is definitely the bigger star and there is a strong suspicion that they wanted to exploit the "separation shock" to promote his own happiness better.

Did you really Pottschalk? It is always funny, but maybe it was really just a very unfortunate accident ...

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