Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Courteney Cox & David Arquette: Separation - Kreeeeisccchh!

Neieeen, which may well not be true? But unfortunately, it's official, Courteney Cox and David Arquette have separated after 11 years of marriage. At this news the Pottschalk really started to cry, because for a long time I was a celebrity separation no longer taken so emotional. Dream team "Gale Weathers" and "Deputy Dewey" from "Scream" are no longer the "Dream Team". Oh man, I found the two as a couple really so appealing, because they worked just down to earth and have their marriage or bedroom secrets never entered wide in public. They were just together and that was good!

We were ready for everything is over and after the first shock is digested, it creates the Pottschalk also finally the offi cial statement play of the two:

"The reason for this separation is, the qualities and better understand those of us a partner and for our marriage in need. We still love very much. "

Even in September the two guys in their wedding rings have passed, but hope dies last and we all know, next year is supposed to also run "Scream 4" in the cinemas. Perhaps memories come since the good old days of high and might turn Cox and David Arquette at their double-comeback Courteney help. If it does not happen, of course, with the fourth Scream part to blame for the crumbling relationship, because many men can you rest easy.

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