Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Solange Knowles: What Katy Perry makes is "Kiddie Porn"!

How do you get a Z-celebrity the necessary attention, if the "interview questions" to say the least to be limited? You just write some crap on Twitter, because you then simply as a "joke" denied. This happened at Beyonce's little sister Solange Knowles, the mother of a 6 year old who is actually already son. Apparently the little Daniel had seen happen to the "California Gurls" video from Katy Perry on YouTube and that was enough reason to get excited about it publicly:

"Katy Perry messed up our children. It's like Kiddie Porn, those damn colors, candy and all the shit that Dukes and breasts squirt the cream Daisy! "

Maybe Solange Knowles should be to start thinking about making a 6 year old children on the Internet to leave her alone, but she only wanted to be funny and scandal from the fence does not break. Finally, it was Twitter-entry course not unread, so that dozens of Katy Perry fans complained to her and Solange to justify itself has been trying 2 days now. Sooo long! Yes, really Until:

"Excited as you please, that was a joke. My son was on a Grace Jones concert, because you believe but not really shocked by a Katy Perry video is he? "Do you understand any fun or what? Then I licked it with my Kiddie Porn Tatas ... "

Ah, Solange Knowles, it is not already easy with the "to be funny, but it is probably even harder for you the perfect excuse or justification found. This sentence could have been a sufficient Completely restructured, "Little has been the videos of his aunt Beyonce seen, because it can really shock a Katy Perry no longer ... .."

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