Thursday, October 21, 2010

Televisa Edith Gonzalez did not want to be pregnant?

Now that Edith Gonzalez income TV Azteca lines spill the beans of his contract with Televisa.

"Thanks to everyone with whom I worked in my other home, this is a new chapter in my life and I am very grateful to be with TV Azteca, Azteca girl and what I am," he told reporters in a conference to officially announce their work shift.
The actress shot each other lime and sand:
"My relationship with them (Televisa) is very good, as we are, people mature. I thank the leaders who are no longer and still are, I love a lot. We all want to open our doors and Alberto Santini convinced me to come here because I was offered a soap opera heartthrob is not handsome, the proposal is a great actor.
"They bring another idea, another way and not interfere because the handsome, they all want to be with the gorgeous, but I offer a soap opera to star opposite a great actor who is not exactly handsome, very excited and told me: Here I be because they bring another boost and that is very important. "
Eidth also revealed that I have not had an exclusive contract with Televisa, therefore, clarified:
"Nobody is leaving"
Ticket that you let goes TV Azteca:
"We all eat, right? It is very important and perhaps this is a message for women, as there always be who you give the cuddle and kiss, we must strive to be good and the changes are good, you should experience and daring. "
He indicated that he negotiated his contract with the station, the first person who learned of her second pregnancy which was not completed, was Alberto Santini, however, gave him their full support.
"Other companies do not hire women in that state and they continued with the dialogue no matter, that made me feel comfortable. I said I want you and not worth more or less to have a belly just is a woman, it makes me feel good in this business, "he said.
Is this the real reason which is no longer in Televisa?

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