Thursday, October 21, 2010

Megan Fox want to be seen not as Actress Visual Appeal

Actress Megan Fox is very popular after the movie Transformers, which was where Pike is a sexy and provocative, but not that bad.

The Star is 24 years old and is married to Brian Austin Green, 27, just spent two years together.

In an interview Magan had her dreams when she began making their first steps in Hollywood: "When I started my career ten years ago, hoped that people would take into account to work did not dream of fame, but work, because Hollywood is complicated and difficult"

The actress says she does not read gossip and who are her friends tell you what they say about it and think their life is a circus.

Megan has nine tattoos on his body and is presenting the new film 'Passion Play' where she is the protagonist and is accompanied by Bill Murray and Mickey Rourke.

Just recently completed and the film passion play has already started shooting the film The Crossing. What seems very contradictory is coming out in the movies showing breast and Tambach with sexy pose and then wants to be seen as actors and not as Visual appeal.

Megan began teaching, and whether to remain in force continue to be taught, until you have another different role and prove you have talent.

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