Thursday, October 21, 2010

Luis Miguel Cepillin reveals that 95% leave the inheritance to sons

When the comedian Cepillin was in trouble with his house and out of work, says Aracely Arambula Actress and singer Luis Miguel, I saw and took pity on him and decided to help, but maybe never thought that the clown would learn the secrets of them.

For starters, Aracely gave Cepillin work in their program "All Baby" and so maybe it was like the clown he learned of the inheritance that the Sol de Mexico would leave to their children.

Cepillin said in an interview Luismi wants both his sons to leave them 95% of the estate. So that means that maybe only Michel Salas would behoove 5% of the estate of her father.

After having revealed the secret of the couple, Cepillin regretted having opened his mouth, but it was too late.

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