Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jennifer Lopez suffers from cellulite

Although the 41-year-old Jennifer Lopez is considered one of the women with the best figure of the entertainment world, and of course no one doubts the commitment that has always placed in care for their appearance, unfortunately not always possible to get the results desired.

It was during a concert which featured the singer Marc Anthony in Puerto Rico, where the dress she chose to call the Bronx Diva played him a trick.

At the time that Jennifer Lopez took the stage to sing the song 'Do not love me' next to her husband, the public was present there with my mouth open when, given a half turn, was revealed the severe problem of cellulite the 'Diva of the Bronx "have legs.

Of course the paparazzi were in place would not miss the opportunity to show the world the photographs that we can see that J. Lo is not as perfect as it seems...

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