Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Julianne Moore, divine in a bathing suit

Oscar nominated actress Julianne Moore appears on the cover of the November issue of Allure magazine and the accompanying interview, talks about the differences of kissing a man and a woman kiss, never will why plastic surgery and what it means to be a person of 50 years! One or the guess to see pictures like this...

"I really do not think it other than to kiss a woman than a man. The difference comes when you kiss someone you do not know against someone who" reveals to Allure. Julianne appeared on the tape of last year, 'Chloe', where he kissed her co-star Amanda Seyfried ("Letters to Juliet").

You can read more excerpts from his candid interview and more photos, after the click.

About aging:
"I'm always shocked by people who do not talk about being great. I say, 'Why, how long you expect to live?" Let's put twice your age and see where you get '. People always say,' be 35 years it is almost to be old. “I say, 'Multiply that by two.”

On modeling at 50:
"I would call the model for 100 years."

On plastic surgery:
"I do not make people see well. I think it just makes them look as if they had done something in the face, and in particular do not think that, instinctively, we find that attractive."

In having to be away from the sun:
"I have what I call my 'outfit'. Use protective sleeves and a large pair of shorts. It is not sexy, but it keeps me covered. My husband hates it. But if I ever see water park that will what I will be using. "

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