Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"X Factor" Sarah Connor Marlon sends her protege home

Cologne. Tears, kisses and a hard decision at the end: 2.10 million viewers watched an average of 3 years and yesterday, Tuesday the 5th live show "X Factor" at the Cologne station VOX and bestowed a good market share of 10.7 percent among 14 - to 49-year-olds. Markon Bertzbach crowd favorite had to go. For the first time the top 5 acts performed two songs per show, and stood with her songs on "Loud and Quiet" viewers and the jury twice the same.

The "poet" among the candidates, Mati Gavriel impressed with a "loud" "Song 2" by Blur and 60 dancers who rocked like a flash mob with him on stage Juror George Glueck is excited. "It was fun. You’re a creative, unusual type of "mentor Sarah Connor thanked for the kiss, the Mati gave her during his performance, in their own way:" You always go create something new, it was electric, it was moderately chef, and it was madness. . You have a subtle eroticism and are virtually the Robert Pattinson of the music scene "by Robbie Williams Sarah enthusiastic:" Even after his "quiet" version of "Sexed Up. You have an idea behind it is thoughtful and nice" and she plays Matis idea of staging in which it has itself invented: a burlesque dancer at rope.

With softer tones of the four ladies of "Big Soul" and her interpretation of the U2 classic "One" received the bounce "Dream Girls" again standing ovation - not only by the jury, but also by Vera Int-Veen, the four in public support. Sarah Connor: “ Lovelies, that was really your masterpiece I loved to hear you all sing individually you are a role model for many women in Germany you have earned it to be here..." The second song by George Glueck band was compared to the first forward: "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon, "impressed too, although admits George that he went with his song selection in the risk:" You know that I like to take a risk. But I think that sensuality should radiate not only people with size 36. "

Last week, nor among the two candidates with the fewest call took place yesterday Anthony Thet support and was his performance of "Under The Bridge" ("Red Hot Chili Peppers") from his father, Sonny Thet on the cello accompanied. He played himself in the GDR for decades in the band 'Bayon' this was the Berlin and Sarah Connor for the first time persuades the live shows. "I am delighted to see you today so I've missed so much, as I wanted. See you again: great look and just calmly. “In the second round of Till Bronner protege Anthony Thet took again his favorite toy on the stage: his guitar. The judge is to "Walk This Way" by "Aerosmith" quite relaxed. "With such a performance you can go to bed relaxed and look in the mirror are many dream of, so to rock like you"

Edita Abdieski took the first verse of their song "Just Like A Pill" quite literally and began her performance in lying ("I'm Lying Here On The Floor"). After criticism of Mitjuroren to Editas so-called "Signature Moves" (typical brand name) is a mentor Till Bronner just proud of his protege. "Hair and outfit is really good also was posted on the stage almost a theatrical performance, make you along the way. And the sparkle in your eyes is bigger from Show show. " Tears flowed after Editas second song "Russian Roulette" by Rihanna. Till Bronner. "I found it was the fantastic and felt that you were singing this song for someone to show you the way you are And if you're still being built close to the water, then let people know...”

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