Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wedding cake for Lady Gaga: a lonely bride covered in blood

We do not know exactly what he'll do special Lady Gaga for the night of Halloween, but in the meantime have heard that she bought a wedding cake. Marriage dark in sight? Apparently not, as the cake is covered with red splashes of blood. A "simple" Halloween cake then.

While the meat dress Lady Gaga is doing a boom in sales for the night of October 31, one wonders whether the pop star will invent something new or not. Certainly there are no concerts for tomorrow night, so the Germanotta could go around dressed as something scary Belfast. But from what?

Meanwhile, in a pastry shop in Dublin has been asked to prepare a wedding cake for Lady Gaga, who sent directly to the Four Seasons. Germanotta that it intends to marry soon? Not at all. Classical in appearance, with two layers, white frosting and surrounded by black lace, the top is a lonely bride with so much blood at the foot (red icing of course).

New manifestation of the macabre taste of Germanotta. The blood may be credited to Carl Luc , as there was on the cake. With this background, we are all curious to see how it goes tanned for Halloween.

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