Monday, November 29, 2010

Elisabetta Canalis: no marriage, just the dog of George Clooney

In his recent appearance with Fabio Fazio a "Che tempo che fa?" Was not very talkative appeared, in a new interview for the weekly magazine Gente, Elisabetta Canalis seemed instead a flood of words? The actress and showgirl talked about his relationship with George Clooney, announcing his intention to put love in the first position in front of the career and revealing some nice details on the private life with the star.

Eli National so she explained that for the 'Love is the most important thing:

The work has never been my priority but my support because I went to live alone than 20 years in Milan and I kept my thanks to the work.

Canalis confirms that the relationship with the handsome Hollywood star is preceding full speed:

In the past, maybe I was not reciprocated; the story did not work, and then focused heavily on his career. When they grow up and realize that for a relationship but its worth, then you're ready to make choices that you have never done before.

For the moment, however, does not have intention to take the plunge:

Although I believe in marriage is a sacrament. I also have the positive example of my parents who have been married for a lifetime and I still love you.

To close, then Elizabeth has also proved to be a nice little anecdote to "4 legs":

With my partner we have adopted a third dog, Einstein, a cocker spaniel. He chose him. Poor thing is so obese hypothyroid and the shelter gave him to eat anything and, in the cage, the other dogs were biting him. With us is much better although it is always fat.

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