Monday, November 29, 2010

Miley Cyrus too vulgar, preferably Taylor Swift. Word of Dolly Parton

Maybe in a few know it. It's the biggest female star in country music, is famous for her curves more than generous (thanks to several aid of the plastic surgeon) and, above all, is the godmother of Miley Cyrus. Dolly Parton is, in short, a real authority in the world American music and one day he openly declared not to accept the attitudes of excessive granddaughter and prefer the "rival" Taylor Swift.

Legend Music Nashvile, interviewed by Larry King on CNN wanted to take a position on the nephew, saying that, while I understand that Miley is doing everything possible to shake off the legacy of Hannah Montana, maybe things are the things gotten out of hand. Parton then spoke of the various pressures they face the young girls, especially those in the entertainment world, and how difficult it is for them to try to gain acceptance without lapsing into the vernacular.

Then, when Larry King mentioned the skimpy clothes and hot performance on stage with Miley, Dolly Parton said he had always hoped it was not she the inspiration for this (the rest of the Parton also has a tumultuous history in this aspect) and added that he had never endorsed the thrust of his niece performances too.

The legend added that the country really should follow the model that Miley is none other than Taylor Swift. The blonde singer has in fact, according to Parton, head on his shoulders and also surrounds himself with smart people and valid. All this in contrast to Miley, who, in his attempt to show the world they grew up, she might overcome the image of rebellious teenager to become just a girl too vulgar.

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