Monday, November 29, 2010

Justin Bieber fighting puberty with a specialist

It was what all his critics expected, and that his record company feared more than anything else: the voice of Justin Bieber is changing. With the arrival of puberty seems, in fact, that the singer's voice is becoming more baritones, with the consequent risk to Justin of not being able to reach his usual high notes.

Not to worry, though. According to News of the World, the young Canadian has already hired an expert to teach him how to dominate the voice even when hormones have the upper hand. Moreover, it is true that when you are a normal sixteen year old all you can do is deal with puberty and all the embarrassment that follows, it is very different when you're one of the most famous singers in the world.

A source told the newspaper that American Justin turned to an expert:

Justin is growing more slowly than many other guys, so his voice has only now begun to change. However, working with the best in the field, a specialist named Jan Smith, to make sure you keep enough to rest his voice, as it is difficult for a pop star. It's the same person who has worked with Usher when he also had the same problem.

After all, just in the past had said not to worry too much about the arrival of puberty, since, however, every guy sooner or later we must pass. At the same time, he had said shocked at the change of voice and hair growth, which could remove the style beloved by bebeerines. Of course, it could affect his songs, but there is nothing that a good vocal coach can not solve. The singer also wanted to clarify that it certainly does not stop him from singing.

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