Friday, November 26, 2010

Gianna Nannini: Penelope is born

Gianna Nannini gave birth to her baby girl today. Her name is Penelope, is in excellent health and was born at the Mangiagalli clinic in Milan, although it was rumored in the past for a possible birth in London, where the artist spent much of her pregnancy.

Even the popular Italian singer is good, and she will certainly be a beautiful day this, seeing that the child has been strongly desired. At the time of the letter you sent to Vanity Fair, Nannini has been criticized heavily for his decision to become a mother at the age of 54 years, but she was defended by all forces, explaining that Penelope had waited a long time.

You do not know more specific details on delivery, but more news will not be long in coming. Gianna Nannini wanted , inter alia, that her baby was born in these days, because it would coincide with the anniversary of the beloved mother, Joan Cellesi.

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