Saturday, November 27, 2010

Michael Brea: "I killed the demon inside my mother"

A few days ago we told about the chilling and ruthless killing of the mother of actor Michael Brea by her own son. Now, the author narrates his version of the crime.

On Tuesday last, the actor in the series Betty Ugly was arrested for killing her mother Yanick Brea With a sword samurai and then slit her throat. An event as terrible as this needs an explanation, because up until now is not fully believe how it happened, or what the actor Michael Brea was thinking to commit such a horrendous crime.
"I did not kill my mother. I killed the demon inside her, has been the incredible explanation that has given a means of communication, from the living prisoners, in Hospital Bellevue. "It was a mandate from God."
He said that God appeared in a dream and told him and that would be his last day. Also narrated a number of grounds which led him to commit the murder, Including hearing voices in the basement of Brooklyn, received a curse in a temple, and seeing her mother "do black magic with some chicken carcasses," when in reality she was cooking, and had asked for help in the kitchen .

However, the actor refused to help her and when her mother went to ask why not, he heard his distinct voice: "She had the voice of a devil. I opened the door with the dagger and sword at my side. I asked if he believed in God, and she said 'No, Michael, No, 'and started screaming. Then I started to attack her like that, “Pitch, with a violent motion with his hands.

Then there was the heartbreaking outcome we already know. "I did not want to kill quickly. We wanted to allow time for reconciliation with God, "was his attempt to excuse.

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