Monday, November 29, 2010

Leslie Nielsen is dead - the "Naked Gun" died at 84 years ...

This past first Sunday of Advent is a performer of the greatest Comedy gone from us. Leslie Nielsen, duch "The Naked Gun" has been died at the age of 84 years of complications from pneumonia. A world without Leslie Nielsen is definitely a bit unpleasant term, but thanks to its cinematic heritage to future generations even laughs at his grandiose view of the rather inattentive Commissioner Frank Drebin.

84 years? This is really a ripe old age. Most recently he was treated for pneumonia in a hospital in the U.S. state of Florida, but unfortunately he could not help the doctors. In the presence of his wife, family and closest friends he has then gone to sleep peacefully. It has a beautiful and very full life have been when he stood up to the last front of the camera and was able to practice his dream job. "Spanish movie", "Stan Helsing" was his last films as an actor and for the currently wacky film "Stoneville", he was executive producer.

Leslie Nielsen has lived his life really and may now be well-earned rest in eternal peace!

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