Monday, November 29, 2010

TV total High Diving 2010

Where was the Celebes at the TV Total Diving 2010? The pot has only Schalk Splish Splash and seen or heard. However, we could not resist, despite strong view of the temptations of super talent. can went So yesterday probably the most watched and dewegen Stefan Raab is with the 14.7% market share in the target group is not exactly a quota winners become, but honestly I'm one surprise at something even close to 5 hours on a Saturday purely on a voluntary basis .

In Schlag den Raab Gibts will at least provide more variety, but here no one knows the celebrities jumping into the water alternately. Speaking of "celebrities who does not know" - With this set you can actually autstauschen the "TV Total" in the rap between sports events and TV instead of Total Diving 2010, there would then PDKK Tower Spring 2010. Well that's even a constructive proposal of Pottscgalk right? Finally, Stefan Raab is still that way on abbreviation.

Although it is made of Pottschalk the "PDKK WOK WM" and the "PDKK Stockcar Challenge" really entertaining, but since I switch also definitely not for the "celebrities" field. Splash! Yes it's a little flat and I only have so long looked up I saw all the candidates once a bathing outfit. Spannnerr! Hello? Television is a medium nunmal that the viewing of lives. Great wisdom and who won? Turn talent Hambuchen is indeed already a tower-talent, but still could not defend his title last year's winner. The Pottschalk even knows why: "It was because of the swimsuit!" This stupid shorts but has unfavorable influence on the aerodynamics! Next time you’re in the Speedo lifeguard does not recommend the celebrity pillory. In individual diving won "Sat 1 Commissioner Alexandra Rietz and "GNTM stunt woman Playmate Miriam Holler, and "beach volleyball player" Ilka Semmler double accounts in the diving choose ...

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