Sunday, November 28, 2010

Prince William and Kate Middleton: Star Couple

The next couple Kate Middleton and Prince William is, in themselves, all a stars. However, thanks to an anonymous contribution, are now literally.

As many know, everyone can be a star. One need only pay a certain amount of money to have our certificate of star we want and put our name or that we want. Many celebrities have already done, such as Nicole Kidman, Or Winona Ryder, and now it was the turn of the pair of fashion: Kate Middleton and Prince William.

The funny thing is that none of them have spent a penny in purchasing your fixture space, but it has a person who preferred to remain anonymous (I will not say it was me, then). And the certificate of authenticity says more or less as follows:
"The Register-Star International redesign Ted the star "Corona Borealis RA 15h 43m 10s D 28 '31'" with the name "Prince William & Kate Middleton." As it is established that from now on be known by that name. This name will be permanently recorded in the registers of Switzerland, and saved a registered copy of this document at the offices of the United States of America. "
Now we just look at the sky, place the star with our telescope and launch our best wishes to the couple.

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