Thursday, December 9, 2010

$ 80,000 to meet Robert Pattinson

How much money are a big fan and rich to know Robert Pattinson? $ 80,000, about 60,000 €. And to think that there is always the opportunity to catch him by accident, while he was in London alone last week.

Instead it is paid as a fan or a visit to the set of " Breaking Dawn "and gets to know Rob , and the rest of the cast. Not a penny goes to Robert himself, it is actually a ' charitable work . An ' auction to benefit children orphaned by organized Charity buzz that is giving away a trip to Vancouver for the filming of "Breaking Dawn".

The winner has paid rich fan just 80 thousand dollars, the highest figure ever recorded in these auctions. But can bring three friends, and will be entitled to a limousine ride to the set where the lucky know Robert personally, and maybe you will also see Kristen Stewart and company.

We hope for her or him, with all that has paid, at least be able to snatch a kiss to the charming Rob.

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