Thursday, December 9, 2010

lisabetta Canalis competes with George Clooney ?

Elizabeth Hurley wants to imitate his companion? Probably not and surely only a coincidence that the beautiful former tissue was found in jars with a spot on a brand of coffee just like George Clooney. However it happened, the challenge between the two is open.

Clooney is on-air for a while 'time with the famous advertising "Nespresso", and soon his Elizabeth will appear in a commercial filmed for "Delta Q" brand known Portuguese producer of coffee. Of course the comparison with the Hollywood star is inappropriate, but we are sure that the Canalis will demonstrate his acting skills in this fight to the sound of caffeine.

Sexy and gorgeous in a gold-shoulder dress, Elizabeth is accompanied by actor Bruno Nogueira Portuguese, who plays a sort of devil tempting against the protagonist. And if the opinions on the thirty-two in Italy Sardinia are often conflicting, it seems that in a foreign land Eli has won the public immediately.

He enchanted the world for its simplicity.

Here's how many sites have established the Portuguese Canalis, on Italian soil that is still facing the storm aroused by the cartoons depicting the now famous showgirl headless and with the swastika drawn on her arm .

But we know by now that former girlfriend Dr. Ross has in mind only two things, his illustrious companion, and his work. And then, nobody is prophet in his homeland.

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