Thursday, December 2, 2010

Angelina Jolie attacked by Bosnian women

A group of Bosnian women against Angelina Jolie and her "I want the snow," the first test as a director of the actress, who is venturing on a controversial film about the war in Bosnia. Jolie, with her husband back from the premiere of "Megamind" was even called ignorant.

The greatest fear for women who accuse Angelina face is that a too feel-good picture of the war against criminals and, in particular, becomes a sort of apology for the rape. According to the indictment, Angelina will not show what happened in reality.

It almost seems a bit 'too early to lash out at Jolie, who recently started the film and, except for a few pictures, still do not know very well that bad habit will, if not granted, but of course, that the summary provides a eulogy of rape: no woman would agree to direct a movie like this, especially since Angelina has always been committed to the humanitarian level.

Here are the most common charges :

Angelina Jolie is ignorant of what the victims have lived and that is enough to instill a reasonable doubt. [...] We have insisted to meet with Angelina, our condition demands respect. [...] Angelina has made a big mistake and lost credibility as an ambassador for UNHCR.

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