Thursday, December 2, 2010

Justin Bieber bodyguard attacking a paparazzo

There is little information on the relationship with the paparazzi Justin Bieber, however, like all young stars are constantly persecuted. But rather than get angry and rant personally, this time it was his bodyguard to react a bit 'too hard at the sight of photographers.

Aceshowbiz informed of an incident that occurred Nov. 26 in New York, just as Justin was leaving his hotel. At the sight of a pushy paparazzo who tried to take some photos to the singer, his bodyguard, Jason Nicholas has literally attacked injuring his back. Here is his story:

Bieber was released from the Hotel with a small group, two bodyguards, a manager and another person. Without locking the door I put my camera with my arm and I took. The bodyguard pushed me against the car.

The photographer has filed a complaint and, for now, the Canadian star has not released any statement. Certainly the private life of Bieber is increasingly target the media, morbid interest in its relationship and look forward to reveal the moment when the young sixteen year old decides to give up her virginity.

Meanwhile, a beautiful Latin girl is the protagonist of the last single from Justin, "Latin Girl", however, doubt as to his identity is still very strong: it will be Jasmine Villegas or Selena Gomez ?

Here's the video of the song.

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