Friday, December 17, 2010

Billy Bob: "Angelina is very smart and creative"

The former husband of Angelina Jolie, Billy Bob, Has said he maintains a close relationship with the actress, as well as highlighting many qualities of the protagonist of "The Tourist."

I do not know if the entire world can be ex as well as Angelina and Billy. It is sometimes very difficult to return to be a friend of your ex, but I think it more depends on how well or badly we've behaved for the duration of the relationship. In the words of Billy guess that they did so well while they were together, that even when they are not still good friends.

"We always talked, and I think she is doing something very good about the direction of its own film, a fact that makes me proud. I always thought she should do that, write and direct. She is really smart and very creative, and I think will do a great job. "

Work Angelina, Which Billy mention is that the actress is in Hungary.

With that said, I can only add that Angelina ex-husband has become a "fan love." Or not?

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