Friday, December 17, 2010

Paris Hilton: "I like having fun and living life"

Paris Hilton 20minutes talked a little about it, the bikes, how passionate he is and what people think of her, Paris says she has not really know it and so exaggerate things.

"Somehow connects with you? (Motor racing)

Connects fine with me (laughs). Of course, the world of motor means passion and I am very passionate!

Do you think it's a sexist world?

I think not, at least I have not noticed.

If you were born again reincarnated on a bike, what model would it be?

A pink scooter! (Laughs). It is my color!

What would you say to those who are branded as posh and silly girl?

I do not bother to answer, why? If I do not understand, I do not

What would for mount Motorcycle?

Something that is sexy and comfortable. You can be sexy and be comfortable, do not you think?

How would you describe yourself?

I like the glamorous, fun, fun and live life

Have you ever thought to put aside all the glamor and holidays and retirement, for example, the India?

I do not think it does, but you never know. Just below, when older, but not now!

That was part of the interview with 20minutes to Paris. What do you think?

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