Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cher in Red - What does Peggy Bundy on the "Burlesque" premiere?

"Married with Children - Musical! The" Something like us has just been missing, but before me here someone wrong thoughts bring up, I change the subject views directly to the London Burlesque - "Premiere". Japan, Spain, England and on Thursday are Cher and Christina Aguilera in Germany. Whether it has passed a red wig on till then? Sorry dear Cher fans, but your idol does my dream woman of the 90 condemned similar. Only thing missing is the obligatory morning coat and we have bred Peggy Bundy in front of us. Was there really someone on the hydrogen bleached Dumpfbacke "Kelly" was?
Ne, ne, then more likes Macy Dacy in socks by Al Bundy. What an unusual fetish, but that red fire alarm "Cher" brings me to a totally absurd idea. Perhaps it's no wig and she dyed her hair really "red"? Although this is still better than the obligatory "lilac-purple," but they like me better in black...

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