Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ella Finally: Kiss me, hold me, love me and shit on "Last Christmas!"

Finally burn your damn “Last Christmas” by Wham CDs, but apparently you seems to already do so well. But why do you buy it every year this really sucked out mega Christmas number? Currently, the zombie-like Christmas Shit already on position 23 of the German single charts.

For Pottschalk totally incomprehensible, for the song he can be only in absolutely exceptional condition, eg at 2 parts per thousand cheer shooting match.

Now is finally a worthy successor, really beautiful, the soft flushes and mood is far from dead, was played as such. Ella has finally you Pottschalk already last year presented to the, that even then he knew that "Kiss me, hold me, love me " Evergreen has the makings.

This is a cover version of the charming "3 Wishes for Cinderella" and the title theme is exceptionally successful times really good. Why you came really only last year to this? Ah, the idea has already been determined to, but Ella has finally implemented it beautifully timeless Sun Geiler song, again and again and as I'm still a few years. News is "Kiss me, hold me, and love me" at No. 50 of the national singles chart and will hopefully pass on Last Christmas...

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