Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dad Demi Lovato: Do not mess with her daughter

After the dancer Alex Welch planned to bring to justice the aggression of Demi Lovato , the father of the Disney star warns: "Do not mess with my daughter."

When you have children, you make even the impossible to keep out of danger. Furthermore, in the eyes of parents , all children are beautiful and good. And in the case of parents of Demi is not the exception.

Is that after learning that Alex Welch , the girl Demi assaulted during his Latin American tour the Jonas Brothers , had in mind sue the blow he received, Patrick Lovato , father of Demi, in an attempt to calm things and prevent more problems will happen to his daughter, and has warned of possible consequences of carrying out the demand.
" Demi has very good lawyers, as well as Disney, so this girl should not face them. She will not win. Demi is very talented and has a lot of money, and only that is why this girl wants to prosecute her, because otherwise, would do nothing."
Well, maybe you're right, but nobody takes the fact that his daughter attacked the daughter of another person, you'll feel very angry with what happened. Take things in the courts may be an exaggeration, but it is within their rights, right? If you win or lose, it's her problem.

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