Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Katy Perry to freewheel on marriage and career

Katy Perry, just 24 years, seems to have everything: a brand new husband and a career that started more. He realizes that the direct question, interviewed by British tabloid The Sun, and said he was perfectly happy, now that he has begun to enjoy the married life and that working on a new tour.

Katy appears to first be the key to a happy marriage: the football team from Tifata wife must win at least one league game. After the victory at West Ham, in fact, Russell Brand has positively surprised the singer:

For some reason Russell was terribly happy this week. It was very, very happy. I actually think the best moment of his life was probably a few days ago, one in which West Ham won.

There is also great news for the career of Katy. The singer has announced that the next tour will be a novelty for the world of concerts. It seems, in fact, that for the next dates in the UK, Katy wants to ensure his fans an experience that involves all five senses.

It will be fun, full of visual effects and, as I said, will involve all the senses. We are investigating several possibilities, including a couple of companies that will help us to spread the same fragrance in the halls you hear on the CD.

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