Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rihanna angry about her relationship with Chris Brown

Rihanna will also be tired of talking about Chris Brown, but continues to respond when requested, especially as we come to find out details about her. Like the fact they could still not be forgiven for not having immediately recognized the relationship for what it was, and did not stopped earlier.

Also on the interview for GQ in January, where there are shots of the beautiful singer barbadiana put in provocative to say the least, the young Rihanna has revealed very intimate dynamics of herself, on the period for which he had a relationship with Chris Brown, what The inflated his face with his fists:

It was a situation that I have always said I'd never allowed myself to live. It is something that forced my friends to go out. But that was me, to live it. I saw with my own eyes physical abuse made up my mother and I always said I would never let this happen to me, and yet here they were happening to me. Now when I look back I'm mad that I could not see it for what it was.

The singer goes on with the consequences of what happened:

Before that, I was just a girl who sang the island of Barbados in pop music. It was easy to think that I was shallow and had everything. As if I had any problems in the world. And suddenly boom! Everyone knows this but I had problems.

Rihanna Finally, fears that this story is the one thing that people remember her, instead of his music:
I am very proud. Never let anyone see me cry. I'm not the type to be "Hey, if you please cry for me, I had a bad relationship." I hate that you know it and I do not want to be remembered for that.

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