Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Joe Jonas asks Ashley Greene to marry him at Christmas?

Ashley Greene was enough to mention the word marriage , if only to say that it is the link to ensure eternal happiness, that comrade Joe Jonas took it in word. According to a source of Hollywood Life, in fact, the singer wants to present itself for Christmas already.

They are never separated by months: Ashley follows him in his tours around the world, Joe follows her on the sets, making friends with the crew. They are a couple practically perfect, and could soon officially become husband and wife .

A friend of Joe has in fact revealed a number of details:

Joe was already thinking that sooner or later they would marry, but not so soon. He did not think to offer for at least another 6 months or so. He thought that after a year could have been going steady girlfriend, but now that Ashley talks about marriage, Joe wants to have her question!

Although both very young, Ashley 23 and Joe 21, his family has an example of marriage: his brother Kevin was married at age 22. And who knows, now might be his turn. The source says about Joe:

It's like a child who thinks of all the ways in which it might present itself and all the ways to hide the ring. He's asking his mom what ring should take them. Do not know anything about diamonds or jewelry, so it definitely needs help.

It seems that even the date on which asks for the hand of her Ashley is almost fixed:

Not sure if it will be proposed at Christmas. They will spend the holidays with the family of Ashley, and Joe wants to ask permission from her father before her the big question. The ring might jump out at New Year, though. Joe loves Ashley. Kiss the ground where he walks. I'm really happy together. They know they are soul mates.

I wonder if the 2011 really will bring a new engagement in the illustrious star system.

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