Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Miley Cyrus to play beer pong for $ 100,000?

Miley Cyrus has not yet recovered from the scandal that has involved a few days ago, and already talking about her on another matter so much in the air to be yet another hoax on the beautiful former Hannah Montana. It says, in fact, that perhaps will agree to take part in a tournament of "Beer Pong".

To launch the news is always the infamous Zack Taylor, stating that the site "Room 110" has offered to Miley about $ 140,000 to play a few rounds of beer pong. This is a game very popular in U.S. colleges, and it seems that the representatives of the site are trying by all means to involve the star.

A Derek Paul, had stated his desire to do business with Cyrus, which would also propose to speak to Canadian students about his life and his personal affairs. However, it appears unlikely that the eighteen year old Miley wants to lend his image for such a purpose, especially as it is now committed to hunt down those who spread false impersonating some pictures of her nude shots.

The lawyers of the interpreter of "Can not be Tamed", in fact, have already worked to denounce those responsible , returning to his star image of good and modest girl, as this is possible.

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