Friday, December 10, 2010

Demi Lovato: Agreement with millionaire Alex Welch?

Did we just say that lawyers dancer Demi Lovato hit with a handful were willing to bring a civil suit against the star. And now it seems to have reached an agreement to millionaire Alex Welch, everything to avoid going to court.

It was the Chicago Sun-Times to announce that the lawyers of Demi and Alex would find a six-figure agreement to resolve the situation without too much fuss. A source told the newspaper would even:

The last thing he needs is Demi going to court. There are too embarrassing and damaging details that may emerge.

The news, which has already bounced on most sites rose, reached the ear of Lovato spokesman was quick to deny everything .

The star's lawyer had in fact already commented on the alleged legal threats of the dancer in this way:

If people could be due to one another for bruises, we all have a lot of problems. If there are no serious injuries, a lawsuit may not be appropriate.

Alex had suffered a black eye and, to justify the civil case, he added that his injuries would have to consult a plastic surgeon. As long as we talk about moral and emotional damage, no one dares to contradict her. But throw into question the plastic surgeon for a black eye is suspect.

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