Friday, December 10, 2010

Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian back on Twitter: flop charity

Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian are Tele services back to life after having obscured their profiles on Facebook and Twitter for charity. The two stars, in fact, had faked their deaths together with other colleagues on the occasion of World Day against AIDS, with the aim of raising at least one million dollars. But the initiative has raised a chorus of criticism.

All the celebrities involved have posed for a series of ads rather strong, in which they were portrayed in a coffin to symbolize their death telemetric. In response, the fans would have to donate a sum via SMS and on reaching the predetermined number, their favorite stars have begun to "tweet" again, and keep track of every minute of their lives.

However, according to the press , the first to blame the blackout on Facebook and Twitter were the people directly concerned, which would show a certain impatience of the impossibility of using social networks. What's more, despite the optimistic prediction of the promoters of the campaign according to which the figure would be reached in a week, after six days it was still far from the goal.

It is served, then the providential help of a pharmaceutical magnate who has donated $ 500,000 to the cause, allowing the star to return to their favorite pastime. It must be said that many of the celebrities who had signed up to the extent that they can reach the infamous million dollars in just four hours, but obviously their predictions were far too optimistic.

After the large donation that has allowed us to obtain the result sought by the organizers of the campaign, the first to return on Twitter are just Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian , clearly going through withdrawal. Usher, however, has managed to do worse than their even breaking the curfew to wish happy birthday to her friend. Apparently he was too busy to make a call.

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