Friday, December 10, 2010

Miley Cyrus has bought a villa for two million dollars

Miley Cyrus is eighteen years old and already a huge business empire. And if the link is almost the same age Justin Bieber has invested his earnings creating a line of enamel and coordinated for the bedroom, the former Hannah Montana bought a house about two million dollars.

This was revealed by TMZ, who said he discovered the pictures of the house bought by Miley in Florida, an extraordinary house near the sea with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a gym and a built-in entertainment area.

And if the popular site mocks the fact that not all teens can afford a house like that, we can not say that the singer is not generous with those less fortunate than she. Cyrus was the same, in fact, to invite his fans to do charity this holiday season.

The beautiful star, for its part, is used to give incredible amounts of clothing resigned to the poor, and wants his audience to imitate. Meanwhile, Miley seems to have made a handful of votes blow to the crown of “most provocative celebrity of 2010, attributed to Lady Gaga .

Miley Cyrus is beautiful, rich, sexy and generous. Cyrus does not seem to miss anything, if not a handsome fellow with whom to share his humble abode.

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