Friday, December 10, 2010

Elisabetta Canalis is given to manual labor

Elisabetta Canalis has changed jobs? In the images we show that the showgirl seems to have passed a poster of posters but do not worry, it's just a spot for the next Festival of Sanremo, which shows the (eternal?) Girlfriend of George Clooney in a role where you really do we had never seen before.

Elisabetta Canalis , recently starred in a TV spot for the Portuguese, it was paparazzi in Rome on the set of the promo commercial for the Festival of Sanremo 2011. With her in some images we can also see Paul Kessisoglu and then somewhere there must also be, however, ignored by photographers, her comic partner Luca Bizzarri.

So while its good George is involved with the filming of the documentary "Winds Of War: George Clooney in Sudan" which will be broadcast on NBC, Eli began his national commitments for the next expected Sanremo where he will contend with fierce competition which will complement the other belle Gianni Morandi, the fearsome Belen Rodriguez.

The challenge between the two stars of Italian TV has already begun on the big screen: the fact Canalis is one of the stars of "A Christmas Wedding Planner" next to Massimo Boldi, while Belen soon arrives in theaters with "Christmas in South Africa" next to Christian De Sica. The two are, however, already been the subject of a controversy over a cartoon depicting the Canalis Rodriguez and headless. But imagine that this will be the first of a long series of discussions and debates that the media will be involved here at the end of the Festival.

Below are pictures of Elisabetta Canalis on the set of advertising for the next Sanremo.

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