Saturday, December 11, 2010

Taylor Momsen shy and had few friends

Taylor Momsen in Europe decided to talk about a bit and after having promoted masturbation, especially among young girls, now speaks for itself, and the fact that under the bark of provocative teen hides a shy girl. Moreover, it is always the case.

We know that behind the most aggressive types always hides a tender heart, find out for certain that Taylor Momsen , after that we heard he burned the balls of his dog, who goes around dressed more like a prostitute low-ranking and even after they saw her nipples at the concert, one does not expect more.

But she herself who confesses:

Here, it is not just having lots of friends. I've never had. I've always been a loner. I went in and out of school many times, so do not know, I'm very shy. Which is strange because one probably does not believe it?

In fact it sounds a bit 'unlikely, a shy usually does not go around half naked. But as we said, everything comes back into reality. He adds:

I have mine, type 6 best friends, three of which are on tour with me all the time, which is great. It's not a sad thing for me. I like it.

This is a very positive thing. We begin to believe that the girl is not an unbalanced as it wants to believe.

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