Friday, December 10, 2010

Emma Roberts ready to be princess

Many girls, after the Prince William decided to marry Kate Middleton have been dreaming of finding her prince blue. And the niece of Julia Roberts , Emma , he wants the younger brother of William , the Prince Harry , see it a whole princess .

Nobody wants to miss the royal wedding between Prince William and his girlfriend, the future princess Kate Middleton . Will be the year's ceremony, that's not the slightest doubt. And just as many, who would not want to be part of the wedding, witnessing at first row how Kate tells him yes to Prince ? Emma Roberts does not want to miss for the world a time like this. To achieve this, has offered to be the partner of Prince English Harry , in order to achieve its mission, and who knows, maybe little something more.

"Both princes are very handsome, "said the niece of Julia Roberts in half British. "If Harry needs someone to accompany him to the wedding, I was about to. "

Now, do not know if Prince Harry will accept the offer, because in fact it will rain such proposals in the coming days, given his status as Prince Singles of 26 years. So better go take note of the candidate.

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