Friday, December 10, 2010

Reese Witherspoon: "I need a therapist"

The beautiful actress Reese Witherspoon said things that have happened (such as breaks and divorce) are parts of life and she has memories painful for those who might need help from a therapist , but is moving forward.

Reese says his mom is always asking about a possible wedding and believe to be married, she always says "Mom, c'mon! You would know if I'm going to marry " as to the bad experiences he has had with their partners, Reese says it is part of life and everyone also has these experiences:

"I feel bad for any of the things I've experienced either divorce or break or anything like that, because that is part of the journey of life, and I have those experiences as anyone else would have them"

However, she is very good for the memories and often very painful, and they would need a therapist, "I have one of those memories where incredible things I have to erase painful. Perhaps that's very unhealthy, and probably need to see a therapist "

All you do for your children, to give a good example : "In addition, I have children what are you doing? Are you going to teach them to be one of those people who continue to look backwards or you will teach them to be of those people they say 'Tomorrow is another day'? "

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