Friday, December 10, 2010

Beyonce gives him Jay-Z the world's most expensive car

On 4 December was the birthday number 41, Jay-Z , the husband of the beautiful Beyonce , and she, like any good wife surprised him with a tremendous gift of $ 2 million Americans.

During my last birthday, the gift more expensive than I had received was a cake. Lying, I'm kidding. In fact I received gifts more expensive, but I think that not collecting all the gifts of all my birthday would reach the amount of this that made spectacular Beyonce with Jay-Z: A Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, valued at no less than U.S. $ 2,000,000, and it is said, it would be the most expensive car in the world.

We notice that Beyonce loves her husband very much to pay so much money on a present. And that is about Christmas. What do you give to that date, or what will Jat-Z to compensate? A plane? "An island? What problem! I do not know, nor all the money in the world, how to thank a gift as well. But in fact I receive.

However, the Bugatti would not be the first super car of Jay-Z , it has a truly enviable collection: a May Bach 62S, a Ferrari F430 Spider and Pagani Zonda Roadster. And while I'm still collecting for my Volkswagen Beetle model.

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