Friday, December 10, 2010

Justin Bieber on Jasmine V: "It was only a kiss"

The Canadian singer is not problems. Rumors in that paired with Jasmine Villegas unsound for him because what happened between them was no more than just a kiss.

Who has not kissed anyone in adolescence but it means something serious? I think it's very common to steal a kiss to someone else, or just kissing to mutual agreement, without the need for that kiss will serve to both people are then scheduled as a couple. Today you see many cases like this, which should not surprise us.

What happened between Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas is just one example more than what I just commented. In an interview he did with Canadian television presenter Barbara Walters to Justin, the singer of Baby were categorically dismissed the rumors that he was in a relationship with Jasmine.

"(The kiss) was something that just happened. I do not know. There is something wrong, or did it? I believe that all children 16 years kiss girls, so I can not find anything extraordinary was only kissing. Well, I don’t know, I only kissed. It was just a kiss. "

And yes it was just a kiss. Why make such a fuss? What Justin and Jasmine enjoying her youth, and especially their single status. Good for them who think in love but until you feel the urge to share together as a couple, they do not. Total, when they want to kiss someone without feeling pressured to be in a relationship, you know where to turn.

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  1. i think that jasmine justin's girlfriend is. becaus she is a beatifel girl and your kissing hear efry time.