Friday, December 10, 2010

Angelina: "We are always willing to have more children"

I have a little sister and I are more than enough, I guess that is much parents and have 2 to 3 children but not for parents like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt , they have no more and no less than six children but that the Apparently not much for them.

On Wednesday, Angelina Jolie said on Larry King Live that " no plans at present "to add one more child to his family but" always open (the idea), " he admitted.

As for the photographers who lurk every time out with children , Angelina is said to have everything under control so that their children are not afraid and to ignore when you see the press: "We just have to smile and say: 'Do not worry, do not be afraid, they like to take photos '... As parents, all we can do is try to make sure they do not feel that is a threat, not to act like a threat, and maintain smile for do not feel anything negative. “That is the method of Angelina and Brad for small does not be afraid to stop the cameras always on them.

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