Friday, December 10, 2010

Lady Gaga has 8 double wax ...

I do not know how many doubles Lady Gaga may have in the world. But Madame Tussauds have eight, because one is not enough.

I thought I would never see more than one Lady Gaga in my life. I was wrong. The museum Madame Tussauds, which sets out the statues of wax celebrities, has been commissioned to develop no less than eight clones of the singer of "Alexander." Is that, indeed, could not be left alone with a representation of Gaga taking into account all unique clothes that she has used throughout his career. And to avoid decide which immortalize, took the easy way, which was to make eight GAGAS with different dresses.

The Lady GAGAS of wax modeling different dresses, one of them is designed by Philip Treacy, who Gaga used in the video for the song "Telephone". There is also the dress that reveals her nearly naked body. And some other costumes out of series to which the singer of "Poker Face" is so used to us.

The statues will be displayed in different cities such as London, New York, Amsterdam, among others. I do not know if you recommend seeing them all together, in any event an unforgettable experience.

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