Friday, December 10, 2010

keith urban & Nicole Kidman "saved my life"

It's nice when your partner tells you how important you are in life and after a while still think the same, is even nicer when you tell everyone how important you are and this has made Keith Urban, saying his loved Nicole Kidman has saved the life.

Ellen De Generes asked the singer if Nicole had saved the life prompting him to seek help when having problems with alcohol and drugs, Keith replied: "Yes, absolutely."

"I think the truth is that I was not aware of where I was in my life and how he was about to go down and I went down ... I was probably in place of denial that I was not aware of being aware it.”

Finally, the musician said, "It is beautiful "the way they helped and supported him when he was needed.

On the other hand, Keith said (like Nicole) on having his daughter like to sing: "She sings all the time"; "We have a piano at home. We sat around the piano and play! "

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