Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Farmer Wants a Wife 2010 BH-frustration and a heart of sausage!

So slowly draws peasant woman looking to the 2010 end and so is the pot soon Schalk final rest. Today I vewurste fact, several "farmers" issues in an article. One might almost speak of even a program summary, but I'll of course just the highlights - from embarrassment and cuteness! The very independent and normal-looking people fought yesterday with Verena in the "W" and then massage her bra when he should open one in; there was an embarrassing tide of skill. Perhaps he lacked experience, but perhaps I might be doing well at the nervousness.

Anyway, it was a light romance-killer, of romantic it was yesterday again at Willy and Rosie too. It works, feasts, and enjoy eating together. "I've fallen in love with you," Rosie admitted yesterday her Willy and who knows their robust nature, knows that she has tasted pretty much overcome. This declaration of love came every instance of hearts and was accompanied with cut "sausage-heart" and "tomato roses. Love goes precisely through the stomach and farmer John gets on the bag.

When the now beardless organic farmers I feel nothing at all. The really is all fake! Finally, he earned his salary as an employee in a main window company, still expects a child from another, and lives in divorce. His Anja has been a baby bescherrt him too, but that does not come from him. On the one hand, I think it is confident as he deals with the situation, but then again I doubt the drama of his "loneliness" to seek him out to peasant woman. With the "prominent" Support from television, it lies down in the next village festival just faster flat. Now the John fortunately his Anja and so the lovely village ladies can breathe easier...

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