Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tom Cruise and David Beckham at motorcycle club

Both celebrities have started a small club to walk the streets of Los Angeles in their respective Bikes and are in search of more celebrities to join the group.

I've always wanted a bike a Harley. Leave my house, get on her and lost in the city, crossing boundaries and meet millions of breathtaking landscapes. So far I have only one bike, but someday I will have a Harley At least I think so.

Actor Tom Cruise and footballer David Beckham, According to a witness account, have started a club Bikes in their neighborhood of Los Angeles. It has to come out at night, when there are not many photographers who can harass, so you can enjoy the landscapes they encounter.

"Kids love to run. They can come as many times and Becks has learned well how to handle thanks to the teachings of Tom. They leave at midnight, cross the city in groups and observe the sights of LA without the paparazzi are around. Have fun doing this. "

Undoubtedly rides bike should be a great experience. Therefore, Tom and David want to share with other actors in Hollywood, as Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt also that the more people join the club, the better. Start Your Engines!

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