Thursday, December 16, 2010

Usher is kicked in the face

Sometimes I tend to be very aggressive, I like to hit my friends intentionally but it is a joke and they know, which is no joke is the kick that a fan has given the singer Usher during one of his concerts.

Usher had a presentation at the Madison Square Garden, that's when brought up on stage to one of his fans to dedicate a song, everything was fine but the fan apparently got so excited he wanted to be closer to him and when you roll over threw a kick in the face of the singer.

What happened next, Usher stopped singing for a moment while your fan apologized and made him touch his face, but the damage was done and no doubt the singer will not want to go to another fan at a subsequent presentation, will more careful about that.

You can forward the video to minute 5:23, this is where begins the kick.

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