Friday, December 10, 2010

Gisele Bundchen: "Family is important to me

The family is always very important for everyone, even for celebrities who would not normally have much time to spend at home but the model Gisele Bundchen 30 year’s shows how important it is for his family .

It happens that Nancy Brady (sister of her husband) asked him to help raise funds for the Institute Accordia against diseases and fight Infectious diseases in Africa, she was happy to oblige.

" Family is very important to me and Nancy's passion for the financing of such programs in Accordia is inspiring, "" We are fortunate to have a family that supports the others. "

You see, the famous have a good heart and the need to get some publicity with his good works, may not be the case with Gisele but I'm not going to deny that many celebrities only help to make us realize the goodness they have.

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