Friday, December 10, 2010

Lindsay Lohan will not be part of "Dancing with the Stars"

During the last weeks, was running a strong rumor about the possible appearance of actress Lindsay Lohan on the famous show of dance . However, the rumor has been denied by a representative of Lindsay .

The followers of " Dancing with the Stars "were excited to know if Lindsay Lohan was going to participate in the program tuned. Well, for good or bad luck, do not know, the actress, who is in rehabilitation at the Betty Ford Clinic for addiction to drugs, is not part of the new season.

Days earlier saying that members of the production team of " Dancing with the Stars "had the idea to contact Lindsay to participate in the program, and, even, they'd be ready to make that plan , taking into account the large has shown progress in their rehabilitation actress. However, a rep for the actress has decided to put an end to what had been discussing, and has strongly denied.

" Lindsay Lohan is not doing ' Dancing with the Stars '. The story that said yes, it is false. "

Well, I do not know how they will drop this story to the thousands of supporters of the program. I just hope Lindsay can get back soon to be a girl without problems. On this subject, his father, Michael Lohan , now work as a consultant in rehabilitation, through a contract with the company has specialized in the topic "Recovery Hub. Let us hope that Lindsay does not soon become a client of his father.

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